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To Make Money Online, that is our goal.  But why should you believe in me, the odds
are that you don't know me or have probably never heard of Johnny Styles.  Well that's
ok.  I guess first impressions are everything, so I have worked really hard to bring a
very personal experience to those who are searching for truth and honesty on the internet.
I want to start out first off by informing you that I am not an internet marketing guru.  
I am just a regular person unlike any other, one difference may be that I have spent the
past 10 years trying to understand how to make money online.  I finally got it right and
I am sharing it with the whole world.  Hoping that by helping others to succeed, 
will also increase my own success in this venture to making money at home online. 

After spending alot of my money and too much of my time researching, studying and 
trying several dozen online programs such as surveys,  wholesale dropshipping, network
marketing and even currency trading(Forex).  Each of these had some success but 
eventually failed to the point where I had to go back to working at a job just to survive.
I almost gave up, but the key to success other than action is diligence.  If you want to
succeed at whatever drives your passion you can never give up.  Overcoming the
disapointment and trying again is the hardest part but eventually you will find what
works for you.  Happiness is soon to follow.
I asked  myself, how could I share this happiness with others around me.  I figured
if I displayed the final tools and services that I currently use to make money online, 
this could save people thousands of dollars and countless hours of time spent
searching, buying and trying everything that claimed success, only to find out that there is
something else that would have worked more efficiently for a lesser price.  You might have
experienced this yourself, if not, I promise you it happens and trust me when I say that 
the trial and error process can cost you everything you have and then more if you dont 
define the entire business directly from the start first.  So thats what I'm doing here.

Then I thought, maybe if I showed my own personal blueprint in a way that would teach
everyone a business path towards quick internet profits.  This could be a way for
me to save them from the years of pain, financial loss, and the mental anguish of failure.  
So I alone have spent the past 4 months building this site.  Others could have done it in 
days, but I wanted it to be just right and so, I taught myself how to make it happen.  Now
I know that I can do anything that I have enough passion to drive me to complete, lol
You must know what your getting yourself into, and also understand that nothing is as
it seems from the outside.  Any and every business will have a learning curve.   So I have
created this site to show others as much as I can about the easiest most cost effective
path that I have found towards online financial independence.  

I am hoping that most of you will see the value in the research that I have done.  The
information that you are about to see will seem fairly normal at first, but by the time you
get to the bottom of this page you will have something that I wish had been there for me
years ago.  My plan will change the way you think of how it may be possible for you
to succeed in changing your life once and for all.

This "Free Internet Business Blueprint" that I still use as a guide to keep me
focused on my main goal,  can be used by anyone who wants to succeed, if your desire is
the same, then together we will grow and together we will "Make Money Online".

Let me explain one thing before continuing on.  During all my research I was tricked
by many sites into buying things I did not need, there are people who know sales to a point
where they manipulate you with words into believing what they say is true, and they are
really good at it.  If you're like me, you know what I am talking about.  The tricks of the
trade, online sales masters.  For them their only goal is money money money, and all they
care about is making more even at the expense of others.

I personally do not work this way, I don't want anyone buying anything from my site
unless they are sure it will help them achieve their goals.  I will not trick you via
words, look over what I have laid out here and make an educated decision on your own.

Don't get me wrong, it is possible to make money without spending a dime 
and you will see that.  Then you can use your profit to expand and aquire the things you
need.  It's all about time, how much time do you want to spend, each phase will help you
learn to cut back the time it takes you to accomplish success.  I now have it down to about 
12 hours a week.  The freedom is absolutly profound, I sleep in everyday.

You should be aware that in this blueprint I have laid out the steps and tools that I use 
to "Make Money Online" into phases.  I have many free pieces of information and tools
to help teach you in my freebies section, but in my opinion the items listed below are the
best tools to accomplish their objectives and as I said I have tried more than many others.

Unfortunatley I do not have the rights to give all these tools to you for free.  To use
them yourself you must purchase them like I have.  All I ask is that if you do decide to
buy any of them, to please make your purchase from my site to thank me for all the effort
I have put into providing this info to the world.  You'll notice, that I will not let anything
sneak up on you, I will show you your inital costs up front, the full process is broken down
to help you take the steps at an affordable price to you.  Starting really cheap too.

Next you will see my promises to you of what I will and will not do.  After that
I will not waiste any more time rambling on,  we will get straight to work, I hope you're
ready to understand more than you knew before about your own internet business.
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If I had to explain to someone what I did for a living the answer would be, I am an affiliate marketer.  I myself
bypassed any and every site I ran into that had the word affiliate in it for years, I was afraid that it had something to
do with signing up friends, family and others to some kind of program of which I refuse to do.  That is not what it 
means to be an affiliate.  The truth is simple, an affiliate is no more than a sales representative.  You can be an affiliate
for many companies, products and services, when you present these things to others with interest and they make a 
purchase from your link, you will get a commision.  

Amazingly enough the payout for this can be anywhere from 10% to 80% of the original sale.  Best of all you will
never have to deal with product support, that is handled by the owner of the product or service.  You will never have
to carry any inventory or try to sell something to those you love.  you simply make the sale with no further hassle.
Believe it or not making the sales isn't as hard as you might think,  after the first it gets much easier.

Just so you know, it doesn't take very many sales to make a substantial amount of money,  and getting paid only
takes a couple of weeks, payment is different for each company, some pay via paypal, others a check or direct deposit.

Yes, if you buy anything here from my site, I will recieve a commission, again I'm not hiding anything from you.
Also by participating in the purchasing process on my site you will build your faith in the ability to recieve payments
from your own ventures.  Now that you understand this we can get to the part you've been waiting for.   Here is my...

"Free Internet Business Blueprint"
Start your path here for learning how to

"Make Money Online"



Phase 1.0
Getting Started

Phase 2.0
Taking The Advantage

Phase 3.0
Gaining Quality Traffic

Phase 4.0
Focusing your Articles

Phase 5.0
Increasing your Personal Brand

Phase 6.0
Exploding your Traffic and Profits

Phase 1.0 Getting Started
     The key to getting started is in finding the desire to take action, this will require you
to have passion for success.  I will not lie to you, any attempt to achieve online financial
independence will take some work on your part, you will need to study up on some 
things you might not yet understand, but if you keep moving forward one phase at a
time you will quickly aquire a full understanding of  this very simple blueprint.  

    *  The first step is the easiest and will not cost you anything.
    *  You must aquire your affiliation with at least one of the many  CPA's, a
        CPA (Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition) is a cost-effective method
        of affiliate marketing for a merchant.  You see, in a CPA the merchant pays the 
        affiliate webmaster only when a visitor clicks a link AND that visitor performs
        an action that benefits that merchant.  This may be a product order, a registration,
        a download, etc.   The affiliate webmaster does NOT get paid for clicks alone.
        Another example would be know as - Performance Marketing. 

    *  99% of the time, there are already websites in place for you to use with their own
        professional sales pitch and everything, all you need to do is to send people to your 
        affiliate link and the pre-made site will do all the work. while you get the credit
        note~ always use a forwarding link from your own domain to any affliate link.

        So, you don't need to make a website,  but you will need a domain of your own,
        don't worry, I will get to that in a few minutes, back to the CPA thing...         

    *  There are a multitude of CPA's out there. Most of them have requirements such as
        you already having a website with a certain amount of traffic, having a history of a
        certain number of sales per month, some sites may require a shopping cart, etc.
        Some of these also require spending money to maintain your membership.

        This is ok, because there are a couple of CPA's that don't have any of these
        demands,  they are also free to join and to instantly become an affiliate of  more
        than 85,000 products and services, that's right 85,000.  Plenty to go around.

    *  There are two companies that make this possible and both have been around for
        years, and have already establish a very succesful track record in paying affiliates
        in a timely manor with accuracy and detailed reports to help you keep track.
    *  Go ahead now and checkout the ClickBank and PayDotCom banners below,
        each banner will open it's own window, so you don't have to worry about losing
        your place here.  You don't have to sign up for both of them if you don't want to.

    *  Now it's time to take your first step, time for action...
        Don't worry about trying to pick a product yet, we will get to that later.
        This will only take a few minutes, just pick one or both and signup, it's free. 
        When you're done just come right back here to finish phase 1

    *  Next you will find out what to do with your new abilities, so you can begin learning
        how to make money online from anywhere in the world.  It's just minutes away.
#1 CPA for Selling Products to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Sell Products to Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, PayPal
     Alright, if you're ready to find out all you need to know about becoming the best
affiliate marketer in the history of affiliate marketers, then this next part will blow 
you away.  During all of my research, I came across one site that stood out amongst
the rest.  The next part of phase 1 can appear somewhat overwhelming at first, but
I assure you, if you take the time to read and learn, you will not be disapointed with
what you're about to be part of.  It's time to become aware of the truth, which is...

     You can do this, it's not that difficult, you just need the desire to take a stand and
decide to change your life, starting right now, committ yourself to spending the time
needed for you to learn something new and make an educated decision on your own.

   *  If there was one place on the internet that could show anyone what it means to be
       an affiliate, it would be at the Wealthy Affiliate University.  I owe so much more 
       to them than the $39 monthly membership.  You see, Kyle and Carson, the 
       creators of the Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University have really got
       their ducks in a row.  WA has become an encyclopedia of knowledge for my own
       success.  I may have never gotten it right if it wasn't for Wealthy Affiliate.

   *  One thing I realized while growing up is that if you want to learn how to accomplish
       success with something you have passion for, it is important to surround yourself
       with as many people that are succeeding at that same goal as possible.  Making
       connections with others striving for a similar outcome will gain you access to a ton
       of information that you would have missed out on.  WA has a way of teaching you
       how to network with others without it feeling like a chore, it's actually kinda fun.
       It's like playing around on myspace or facebook, but everyone is focused in one
       direction, to learn how to make money online from home. Even better.

   *  As a member of WA you will have access to everything needed to get you started 
       making money as soon as possible, I truly believe that the 8 week action plan is
       what set my new life in motion.  And I mean it, if I got myself in gear with this plan,
       anyone can make it happen.  It helped keep me from getting ahead of myself.
       Then before I knew it I had made a sale and then another, absolutely amazing.
   *  The internet marketing Community members at WA work together and right
       along side Kyle and Carson to help build successful online businesses.  They
       like to say that sharing knowledge benefits all involved and speeds learning.
   *  As a WA member you will have access to Training, Tools, Services, and Support
       for Internet Marketers & Online Business Owners.  Everything you get is worth
       hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars, I just changed  my payment plan
       from $39 per month to 359.88 per year(which is only $29.99 per month) cause
       I'm not going anywhere, WA brings success, and if your smart, it brings it fast.

   *  So from here on I'm not going to spend any time going over the basics of being
       an affiliate marketer, all you need to know about it can be found at WA. You'll see

   *  Now completing phase 1 will mean that you have established a full understanding
       of what you need to focus on in order for you to drive your passion and how to 
       empliment your new strategies, this may take you a few days or even a few weeks,
       so don't forget to bookmark this page so you can come back for advancement.

   *  I think you will be amazed at the remaining phases, advanced tools to help learn 
       how to drastically cut down the amount of worktime needed to finish a project,
       find out how to nearly automate the whole process.  Then when it is all starting to 
       come together, we'll explode your traffic until it's spilling over.
       Now take on the WA  Action Plan for yourself and set your life in motion too...
Providing You With Support & Tools To Make Money Online
Phase 2.0 Taking the Advantage
     Here we are after phase 1 and your in business with your own web domain, and
newfound knowledge.  So far your overall business expense is at the most $39 a 
month.  Not to bad if you ask me, it would be hard to go under if you don't succeed.
Really, it's only $39, I have spent much more on useless items, I'm sure you'll agree.

     I wonder if you are really ready for the next phase, I have no way of knowing if you
have actually learned what you needed to in order to take the next step.  I'll have to
trust that if you're reading this, you're ready, so let's move on.

     So now as a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can begin to share your affiliate link
for WA with others, don't worry, after you start making your own sales friends you
didn't know you had will want to know how.  let's get you to your first sale.  Phase 2
is all about giving you the advantage over many others who are also trying to make
money online as an affiliate.  This will put things into perspective in a very big way.

   *  When I came across this next tool, I was thinking, how could this be real and why
       isn't everyone using it.  The simple truth is that there is a whole lot of room for
       success in affiliate marketing, some stick with certain methods or specific products.
       This leaves plenty of room for others to find there way.

   *  If I told you that there was a program that would help you scout out in minutes
       exactly which products at clickbank or paydotcom are the best ones to start a
       project with by allowing you to compare all the different pieces of information
       that really count.  Would you want to know it's name?  Yeah you would, so I say
       "this program is called Affiliate Elite(AE)".   

   *  I believe that clickbanks only fault is their in site product search tool, it's hard to
       narrow down what you need, AE remedies that, giving you filters and project
       tools to find out exactly which products other successful affiliate marketers are
       currently promoting.  If they're making money with these products, You can too.

   *  You'll not only see which products are being promoted by more and more people.
       You will Find the trends, so if there are products that are slowly promoted by more
       and more people everyday, the odds are great that the product converts and the
       affiliates are making  money.  All you need to do then is jump on the bandwagon.

   *  The filtering process helps you figure out which are high quality products and   
       finding those items that not only convert extremely well for their affiliates, but
       will also pay amazingly high commissions. Making $100+ a sale on a product
       is not unheard of, when you get started with AE, you'll quickly feel like you
       have an edge over everyone.  

   *  Another awsome feature of AE is it's ability to see the exact keywords that others
       are bidding on and also see the actual ads their using. Then you can take that info,
       change it a little to make it your own, advertise your own link the same way and
       Bing Bang BadaBoom, you're making money too.  Just follow other peoples
       hard work and gain your own success quickly.

   *  There are many great things about this tool that make it a must have, I could 
       really go on all day about it.  Go ahead and check it out for yourself, I will tell you
       that it works great and has saved me a ton of time in product research.

   *  The best part of AE is the cost, the first 30 days of use is less than 5 dollars, after
       30 days it will increase to $39.95/month and you can cancel at any time.  I promise
       you, after checking out the video tutorials and about 20 minutes of using this 
       program, you will be willing to cancel your premium cable in order to fit it into
       your budget.  I know I did, I was kinda broke at the beginning, lol

   *  The next phase will begin to show you how to get great quality traffic to your links,
       without the traffic you have nothing.  WA has shown you how, so I'm gonna show
       you how to do it quickly, much more quickly than the average marketer.
Giving affiliates an unfair advantage in Making Money Online.
Phase 3.0 Gaining Quality Traffic
     Ok, you're starting to get the idea, lets recap.  You're now in business with your own
domain, newfound knowledge, an advantage over others, and your initially out of
pocket by $43.95 and have agreed to be charged an additional $78.95 every month
after, unless you decide to cancel, which is your choice at any time.  So far, so good.
I don't know of any small business you can start for that low of a cost.

     If you have completed phase 1 you would have learned from WA that the best way to
get quality traffic with no expense would be by submitting articles.  Article writing for
publicity and sending traffic to your links will actually turn out to be where you spend
the majority of your time, other than researching your next project.

     Once you have chosen a product or service, and prepared your forwarded links, the
next step will be to submit original articles(using other peoples content, will only create
duplicates and defeat the purpose).  Spending a lot of time researching a product in 
order to write your own personal content will be normal without completing phase 3.

   *  Daily I was searching and searching and reading and reading, pulling out the info I
       thought would be the most important to my particular project at the time and re-
       writing it in my own words staying original.  Hours and days spent over one project.

   *  Then it happened, a new friend I made in this world of learning exactly how to 
       make money online guided me to the next addition of this blueprint.  honestly all he
       said was that he had cut his research time for building articles by more than 80%.
       I was floored, all I could say next was please tell me how, and he did. 

   *  The most exilarating part about the Instant Article Wizard Pro is that I was instantly
       able to implement this tool into my process, it just took over as my official article
       research tool and I use it everyday.  It Works, And It Works FAST.

   *  Again, you'll find the opportunity to check out a great product for an unbelievable
       price.  Starting out at just $7 dollars for the first 30 days, then it's only $27 a month.

   *  There are those that have quickly learned how to use this tool to write articles for 
       others and started their own article writing business.  Some do very well for 
       themselves. If you have it in you to be a writer, the Instant Article Wizard Pro will
       only make you a better one and maybe get you paid at the same time.

   *  Now it's time for you to advance your game to the next level, there is a video on the
       next link that will show you instantly how this works, so check it out and enjoy.
Write articles in minutes, very easy to use,Start Earning Money Online Now
Click Here for one of my freebies to help you write articles correctly.
     At the time I was just picking products, researching them, writing articles and 
submitting them one by one to many different article publishing sites.  I suppose I had
registered at like 30 to 40 places and was seeing some success, even though I was only
focusing on 10 to 15 of the major publishers on the net, so I kept plugging away.

     You should be at this point right about now, but instead of  waisting your time
learning the long harsh road.  I am going to save you 100's of hours by sharing this
next dual program with you to finish off phase 3.  Open your mind and feel the weight 
as it is lifted off your back, the hardest parts are made easy with this next addon.

   *  The Elite Article Marketing Tools(EAMT)is a combination of 2 great programs
       developed for increasing backlinks that point to your site or affiliate link, and 
       this is what gives you weight with the search engines, and improves your rankings.

   *  Magic Article Rewriter seems to be a supernatural article spinner and rewriter that
       stands out in the crowd, coming preloaded with a thesaurus containing more than
       30,000 words.  This will help you take one great quality article that you have
       written and turn it into over a thousand unique articles within minutes.  Several 
       fantastic features that allow you to instantly change unique words and phrases 
       with the single click of a mouse, editing your own synonym database, and even
       the ability to import any other list that you might want to add.  A must have tool.

   *  Magic Article Submitter will supercharge your ability to submit articles by allowing
       you to post them in over 701 article directories, better than any other article
       submitter out there.  With a 5 minute profile setup and a click, this program will
       automatically create 100's of accounts on these directories in short order, and then
       it will also verify these accounts using the email provided.  I wish I had started out
       this way, I remember spending days just registering for as many as I could.  One 
       more thing, it even allows the spinning of your keyword anchor text which gives
       you the chance to promote many keywords for every submission. Amazing, Yes.

   *  Guess what, the EAMT does not have a monthly fee, all together now, YEA!
       unfortunately there is no cheap trial period either.  It will cost you a one time
       charge of $80, I dont know how to justify this to you if you haven't done things
       the hard way to begin with.  I will tell you this, I would gladly pay $800 for this
       tool, now that I know what it is capable of and how it changed everything for me.
       Now it is your time to stop working so hard and let your computer do the work for
       you, that's why you got the thing in the first place right.  Automations your friend.
Making Money Online Just got easier,Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter
Phase 4.0 Focusing your Website and Articles

     This Phase is a quick one, if you have been paying attention to Wealthy Affiliate's
training you would have learned by now that keywords play a big part in this if you're
trying to gain rank in search engines for particular keywords and phrases. That's also
the truth behind article marketing, where you're trying to get backlinks for certain
terms.  So by now you should know that keyword research is incredibly important.

   *  There are many ways to do your keyword research, and many different tools to
       speed up the process.  I used the free PPC webspy(my Featured Freeby) and 
       Wealthy Affiliates keyword tools in conjuntion with googles keyword research.
       and I did ok with those to get me started.  It was just very time consuming.

   *  I had considered making this phase of the blueprint optional, or leaving it out all
       together until recently, Brad Callen released the 2nd version of  "Keyword Elite"
       and now it's the only tool I use for getting my keyword terms in order before I
       start the beginning of any project. After watching the video tutorials on how to
       use it.  I never seemed to look back at the other services.  It just happened.

   *  The hardest part to swallow here is the price.  The Keyword Elite has a one time
       price of $197.00 and it's yours forever.  If you decide to add this tools to your
       arsinal, you will save so much time in researching keywords and phrases with
       all the info you need to understand what your competition might be doing too.

   *  There's actually more that I could share with you here, but I figure, by this time,
       you have got the situation under control, and the keyword elite link below really
       tells it better than I could.  I just wanted you to know from me, that this program
       in my opinion is the affinitive keyword tool, and there is no better out there. 
       Not yet anyways.  I will let you know if something beats it when that happens.

   *  Like I said, this is really an option for you, I know it's a little pricey, but I love it.
The only keyword research tool that can truly help you start to Make Money Online...
Phase 5.0 Increasing your Personal Brand
     Only 2 phases left. If you chose to take on the keyword elite, then your initial costs
total at $327.95 if not then it's $130.95 with a monthly operating cost of $105.95
I'm telling you now, that's not to bad, considering what I have spent to learn this.

   *  Now it's time to make yourself known to the world and build your own site.
       There is an awsome tool for beginners at the Wealthy Affiliate Site, all integrated
       for your convenience.  I myself use Bluehost, I have had a domain with them for
       years.  As you can see I already have some site building knowledge, it helps a ton,
       but not necessary for bluehost either they also have a sitebuilder.

   *  It is not meant for you to go out and get a webhost, if you have completed phase 1,
       then you should have a membership at Wealthy Affiliates and they have everything
       you need to get your site up.  I just wanted to point out that you have options.
Bluehost - Webhosting, Allowing me to Make Money Online
     Designing your site and placing your content correctly is far more important than
you might think.  I am sure that if you're still reading this that you are beginning to
understand this blueprint, but I'm not sure you realize that these 6 phases are only
part of the plan.  This entire site itself is the Free Internet Business Blueprint. 

     I have Designed this site by following a fairly strict set of rules. These help control
keyword focus for search engine crawlers, and with this knowledge I am able to guide
the right kind of new friends to my site.  Seriously what kind of person are you?  If 
your still here then apparently you're really searching for your way to online riches.
if thats the case then it's working great, because that is who needs this information.

   *  If you notice carefully and compare to the rules set aside in this next addition I like
       to call the "Key" to my success.  This site is designed under an informal format
       based on the "GoogleSnatch" Formula. Prepare to have your eyes opened wider.

   *  You see, you can't just go throwing links and banners and irregular content all
       willy nilly like, if you know what I mean.  If you want to have consistant success
       that will grow and become your own little personal empire.  This requires the
       know how that I found in GoogleSnatch.

   *  GoogleSnatch, what a strange name I thought when it was first presented to me.
       Now it makes so much sense, reaching out to understand why the search engines
       (not just google) place their links, how some links show up for some key terms
       and not others.  How to give the search engine crawlers what they want when
       they want it, and focusing keywords to snatch those who need what you have.

   *  On the other hand you might not need this, you would save $97 if you didn't
       learn this info.  you could try to figure it out by looking at my code and exploring
       all pages on my site, then you could just try to emulate a similar site of your own.

   *  Your choice, it's just a bit of info that could change your understanding of
       Search Engine Optimization.  One focus is to make readers comfortable and
       provide them with solid structure and increase their knowledge at the same time.
       You tell me, have I fulfilled this, I hope so. If your truly serious about creating
       a site built on a solid foundation.  The only thing I can say is "GoogleSnatch"
Learn to flood your site with traffic and start making money online now
     Your not going to believe this but what if I told you that tomorrow, I could open up
a recording of your current visit here and actually see your mouse cursur move and
click on links and follow your visit completly, wouldn't you think "that's the coolest
thing I have ever heard of", ok maybe not the coolest, but it's pretty awsome.

   *  Imagine learning directly from your visitors exactly how your layout directed their
       focus and where they were reading before they decided to leave.  knowing this
       allows you to make some adjustments to your site to make it convert better.
   *  The "VisitorSpy" does just that along with all the other stats you want to know
       about your visitors, where they came from,what OS their using or browser types.
       There is even a link cloaker that helps you create and keep all your links organized. 

   *  I am not trying to force you into spending 4 dollars and 97 cents for a 14 day test
       drive if you decide to keep it then it will be another $37 a month or you can make 
       a full purchase of $176 after the 14 day trial and then never have another payment.

   *  This program is not mandatory in any way, use it or not, that's your call.
        You have to admit it though, VisitorSpy - VERY VERY COOL.
Visitor Spy - The new Face of Web Analytics, Increase you ablitliy to make more money online.
     Now that you have a site with a focused layout, some traffic from your article writing
with submissions, and you can manage to pull yourself away from your latest spy tools,
again very cool.  You need to be respectful to your visitors by keeping in touch with
them. Informing your visitors via email of changes you have made to any products or
services will help create a bond between you and your friends(as I like to call you).  

   *  For this objective I have to give my vote to "AWeber Communications". 
       It seems that there are a million programs that are like autoresponders. and I 
       have tried to use a few, some are easier than others.  I can tell you none have the 
       support anywhere near the level coming from AWebers support team.

   *  I had a few problems making it work for me because of the demands of my sites
       code and what I wanted to accomplish, I easily started an IM Chat with Nick
       at AWebers Customer Support, we typed back and forth a little bit until he realized
       that my problems needed a little bit more attention, he then asked me if I would 
       mind if he called me.  I was like, sure that would work.  I mean no listening to an
       intro and making me go through the whole press this button if you want thingy.

   *  The issue was taken care of, Nick checked my code, we looked at it together, he
        told me what I needed to do. It was done within minutes and it all works perfect.
        I was back to finishing this site up and had almost forgotten about what happened
        until I got a postcard from Nick checking in and letting me know they were there.
   *  I use Aweber to help me get you the information that you need from me in a timely
       manor, they are trustworthy, and will always be there to help you for $19.99 a
       month.  If you would rather use another system for communicating that's ok. there
       are a lot of free ones out there, these guys at AWeber just make it easy.

                              Here's a free guide to creating a an AWeber redirect page.
Leave the Pain of Newsletter Design To Us - AWeber Email Marketing, Online money making opportinities as an affiliate
Phase 6.0 - Final Phase Exploding your Traffic and Profits
     Here we are finally at the Final Phase, lol.   Going on, If you have completed all
phases and joined every program and purchased every item within these 6 phases, at
this point I your up front out of pocket costs total at $449.91, and your monthly
business expense only $169.89.  By this time you should be making at least this much.
If not, then this last phase will get you there and more.  My coup de grace if you will.

     Just so you know all of this is tax deductible, no different than the expense someone
goes through to buy the materials and supplies for any other business.  These are tools
that you use to keep your internet business thriving.  
     Once you start to make money online you will want to think about making it legit
with a business liscence, incorporate yourself.  This will protect you and your friends.

   *  Now it's time to ignite the flames to keep your site burning for life.  Again this is
       where you become luckier than I was when I started out,  There are 3 different
       marketing formats in this last phase.  This Make Money Online Blueprint was 
       also designed for cutting back the costs for marketing, which is were most people
       have the most trouble, and yes there are people making $10,000 a week with
       PPC(payperclick) campaigns, but it may have cost them $9,000 to make it happen.

   *  Yeah, I used to dream of making $1000 a week, but could never come up with the
       9 grand to take advantage of such an opportunity.  You must assume that there are
       others that are loosing their shirts trying to pay the bills.  Imagine keeping most of
       that 9 thousand dollars and spending it on someone you love.  Lifes blessing.

   *  These last links share with you how to get the targeted traffic you need for free
       or at a significantly lower cost per visitor than you could ever believe.  We're also
       gonna bring back our good friend Automation.

   *  Remember the EAMT from phase 3, after you have used your magic article rewriter
       to create your many unique articles, you pull out a few or Ten, and you can import
       them directly into the next 2 parts of this phase.

   *  The first is the "Free Traffic System", and it is what it says, a free website designed
       to bring you free targeted traffic. Although as soon as you go to signup, your 
       given a one time chance to upgrade to a pro level marketing for just $37 per month
       I have not done this yet, I am just using the free version and it still does what it says
       but I am beginning to understand the reasons for upgrading.  It could really put a
       boost in what their doing and I am considering the upgrade, and bummed about
       having to pay $47 a month.  Kinda wish I had taken them up on that 1 time offer. 

   *  When you take a look at this, make up your own mind, but at least pick up the
       free offer, there are several awsome benifits gained from the Free Traffic System.
   *  For starters, they gave me this to share with you, a pdf file that is loaded with good
       info to help you create Smart and Safe Backlinks.  Great knowledge to have.
               Click here for the Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide, yours to keep.
Free Traffic System, Time to make money online for free
   *  The second part is a very similar situation except their focus is more directly
       toward blog power.  "My Article Network" allows you to see what's available with
       their connections, and how you can tap into that.  You just import some of those
       unique articles from your magic source and select categories of your choice and
       they take it from there.  Automations definitely your friend.

   *  You really get the power of My Article Network by, you guessed it, signing up for
       membership at $47 per month.  All I can say is that the only tools I am using to
       succeed are here on this page, I use them to their fullest, and I'm getting results.
       You are here now because one of these programs helped make it happen along
       with the obvious, nah, I shouldn't say it, ok I will, my site being so very cool. lol

   *  If you choose to use this network, you will find other options for getting automated
       content applied to your site. On a blog or whatever, this registers fresh new content
       on your site and this is what makes the search engines re-assess your sites info. 
       You also begin to build many solid targeted backlinks pointing back to your site.
       All of this with a short time to setup and it will keep running for years if you want.

   *  It may have been My Article Network that brought you here, so I'm pleased.
My Article Network, online network for making money.
     I have saved the best for last and it might not be available for long.  If you happened
to notice the date this site launched in the upper right side of this page, and you are
here near to that date, then it was probably because of this last tool.  

   *  When starting out with your links or websites, it can take some time to see the
       results from your article campaigns.  Depending on what keywords your attempting
       to gain high rankings with could take weeks or even months before you start to
       see steady flow of quality traffic.  So I will be jump starting this site by using what I
       learned from "Mass PPV Traffic"

   *  You can use Mass PPV Traffic to send nearly as many targeted visitors to your page
       that you want.  Even though it is not free, it might as well be.  Quality targeted
       traffic sent to your page if designed right will generate a certain percentage of 
       return.  Very small return will cover your cost for ppv traffic, unlike ppc where you
       can pay several dollars or more for clicks, that doesn't even mean that they really
       viewed your page.  PPV stands for Pay Per View,  that means that your site actually
       gets viewed by those individuals.  It's a big difference than paying for someone to
       just click a link.  what a gip that is.  The mass ppv system is only $77, one time.

   *  If you do chose to add MassPPV to your tool chest, I would like to save you more
       money.  During your purchase you will be asked to addon a URL Scraper, if you
       don't know what this tool is, it is used for scraping the urls from different search
       engine sources.  This allows you to import them into the ad network so that your
       ad page appears on top of whatever website that exists.  I just wanted to make sure
       that you were aware that there is a free alterative and save you $27 a month.
       Get the Best Free URL Scraping tool here with 5 training videos.
   *  Just so you know, I have watched the producers of these products for years.
       They are saying that saturating the market with mass ppv would not be good.
       So they mean it when they say that it may be removed from the market soon, and
       they will pull it too, I have missed out on a few good things because I didn't take
       it when it was handed to me.  I said I would not rush you on anything and I 
       meant it.  I am just afraid that this particular option will not be here forever.

   *  Do you get it? If you have everything else together and all you need is the right
       people to look at your site and your sure they will like what they find, that you
       provided them with knowledge that they didn't have before finding your page.
       Your positive that you are giving them something of more value than what it
       may cost them.  Be sure about it and if you are, Kick start your life now with the
       Mass PPV Traffic system.  Are you ready to get paid.  It's a great day, getting paid.
Mass PPV Traffic,Make Money Online Instantly with this awsome info.
     One more time,  lets just say that you were to aquire all the tools here on this page
at one time, $610.91 would be the whole package. And a reasonably small monthly 
overhead of  $253.89.  I understand that coming up with $600 to change your life
is a little hard sometimes, that's why this plan let's you grow up to it, you don't need
it all at once, it will take you some time to gather the full knowledge needed anyway.

     So if it seems kinda steep for you, just start with phase one and work your way 
forward.  Keep learning and just do a little bit everyday if you have to.  Before you 
know it adding another piece of the puzzle to your bag of holding doesn't seem like
so much.  Eventually you will be laughing at your measly $250 overhead. while 
listening to others who are going under and have debt's beyond their relief. You will
then be able to stand tall with the knowledge that you are in control.  Finally.
  Styles is Taking a Bow - Thank you World!  Good Night!
     Well, there you have it, my way of trying to protect others from
the pains I suffered.  My way of giving back.  My way of becoming
more than myself and more for my friends.  Now Life Begins.  If
you like what I have done here please tell everyone, help me Storm.

     I know that I could have provided more information at times,
but really, look at how long this page is. Crazy long, lol.  I really
Hope that this Free Internet Business Blueprint will help thousands
or even hundreds of thousands of people aquire their rights to what
hasn't been there before.  True and Absolute Freedom.  Now you
know how to make money at home online.

     I have given you many ways to contact me, if you have questions
then feel free to ask.  I have also added a chat room if you just want
to discuss some things with others here after the same goal.

     Thanks again for suffering through my lengthy publication.
If you have learned something here than my job is done.  So to all
listening, Have a Great Day, Live Life with Flair and Spontaneous
Excitement.  Don't forget to Breathe.  I here that's important.  Peace.
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